CRRN Success Suite: In-Person Instructor Guides & Attendee Bundles

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All In-Person Classroom Experience bundles are only sold as group courses to be hosted by a facility, organization, or individual. An individual cannot register for an in-person class on their own, they must be part of a group registering for the course. 

Anyone can teach an in-person course, as there are materials and resources included in each Instructor Kit to teach each component of the course. In order to host an In-Person Classroom Experience course, you MUST purchase one of the Instructor Kits.

In-Person Instructor Kits

You cannot purchase an Instructor Kit on its own, it must be purchased with In-Person Attendee Bundles. When selecting from the Instructor Kits below, you will want to be mindful of which course(s) your attendees will be registering for. Access to the instructor materials lasts for 1 year from purchase date. However, if you decide to teach a subsequent course (and purchase additional ARN in-person attendee courses), your Instructor Kit materials access will be renewed at no extra charge. 

1. In-Person Classroom Pro Instructor Kit - $999 Per Instructor

Acquire all the essential resources required to confidently guide your very own In-Person CRRN Prep Course, courtesy of ARN's comprehensive In-Person Classroom Pro Instructor Kit.

2. In-Person Classroom Comprehensive Success Instructor Kit - $1099 Per Instructor

Elevate your journey beyond the In-Person Classroom Pro Instructor Kit by exploring ARN's In-Person Classroom Comprehensive Success Instructor Kit, thoughtfully designed to offer an enriched educational experience with an expanded array of learning modules.

In-Person Attendee Bundles

In order to host an In-Person Classroom Experience course, you MUST purchase one of the Instructor Kits. In-Person Attendee Bundles cannot be purchased without an Instructor Kit, unless the instructor requesting the In-Person Attendee Bundles has previously purchased an Instructor Kit. 

3. In-Person Classroom Pro Package - $449M/$499NM Per Attendee

If you thrive through in-person learning experiences, then this CRRN prep course is tailor-made for you. Elevate your educational journey by embracing the rich offerings of our In-Person Classroom Pro Package. This package includes 23.5 CE CE. 

4. In-Person Classroom Comprehensive Success Bundle - $549M/$599NM Per Attendee

Leave no stone unturned with our most comprehensive in-person package, offering a blend of self-study and in-person instructor-led resources for complete mastery. This bundle includes 32.5 CE CE. 

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